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controle avançado e otimização

Advanced Automation

Increase your processes efficiency and reduce operating costs

Advanced Control and Optimization solutions use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques, which enable the processes parameters control in real time and in different operating scenarios.  

Applications: boilers, energy cogeneration systems, refrigeration tunnels, industrial dryers, among others.

digital twin

Digital Twin

Be data driven

Model your assets using physical, phenomenological or data driven models and get insights simulating your operation in different scenarios.

Our Digital Twin helps you  make the best decisions based on the best
cost-benefit ratio.

sensor IoT

IoT Sensors

Have sensors adapted to your needs

We have IoT devices and use the information generated to improve process control and meet operating requirements.


The equipment can be installed in large areas, as it is not necessary to have internet access at the installation site. 

ALS3D (Aimirim Laser Scanner 3D)

This is an example of an Aimirim sensor to calculate volume and estimate measurements such as the material stored mass. The ALS3D sensor consists of a precision laser rangefinder mounted on a panel with vertical and horizontal rotation, connected to an online platform.


​This equipment can be used to monitor stocks of different materials, such as corn, soy, sugar, bagasse and ore, in warehouses or open areas.


Advanced Analytics

Make factory data valuable

Connect to different data sources, use algorithms finetuned for industrial applications and pipelines to extract valuable data and make data driven decisions. 

Control Avançado e Otimização
Digital Twin
Sensores IoT
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